The Lakes Aquarium is involved in conservation projects on a local, national and even international basis.

Freshwater Biological Society

A collaborative project to create an educational exhibit on the plight of the critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel. The exhibit contains interactives, posters, and a video.

Members of the aquarium staff are also spending days at the freshwater pearl mussel hatchery to assist with husbandry of the mussel and to partake in knowledge exchange.

Crayfish in Crisis

Captive breeding project to increase the population of the native white clawed crayfish. Also used to raise awareness of the crayfish and how to reduce the risk of spreading the crayfish plague.

Observation of Pike behaviour

Observation of pike behaviour (swimming and breathing) to see whether this behaviour influences olfaction by encouraging circulation of water through their nasal chambers.

Dr Jonathan Cox spent some time on site observing the pike for a research paper on olfaction.

What we do
  • Actively promote the work of the RSPB through dedicated days when the RSPB are onsite educating visitors on conservation, habitats and the native species of birds.
  • A dedicated event each October alongside a local bat group, promoting the work of the charity and educating visitors on the plight of native bat species.
  • Promotional DVDs playing daily in the aquarium provided by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
  • Fund raising on behalf of a number of charities including RSPB and Shark Trust.
Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide an educational, entertaining and enjoyable experience, that appeals to all ages and delivers value for money in a safe environment.

The Lakes Aquarium is part of the Real Live Leisure Company Ltd, and has a key part to play in assisting RLL achieve its own mission:

To develop and operate creative leisure destinations, with consideration to stakeholder expectations and environmental values.

Our Vision

We aim to constantly enhance our reputation as a quality, respected and credible leading Leisure Destination by developing:

  • An Aquarium, which offers visitors the opportunity to witness a diverse variety of creatures from across the globe in a creative, interactive and naturally themed environment.
  • Relationships with relevant organisations and the local community that enable us to promote conservation, education and research issues.
  • Associated Café and Shops open to both Aquarium and non-Aquarium visitors that offer a high quality and comprehensive range of products and service in unique surroundings.

A helpful, knowledgeable and professional workforce will help provide the above.

Our Values

The culture of the Lakes Aquarium is a professional, friendly, supportive and compassionate organisation where all stakeholders’ opinions are listened to, respected and encouraged.


  • We will provide an excellent working environment, and opportunities for personal development and progression, where all staff have the skills, confidence and passion to make a positive contribution to the business.
  • Our staff’s commitment and contribution will be recognised, appraised and valued.
  • All staff will be motivated and encouraged to motivate themselves by taking on individual responsibility.
Current conservation projects
  • Crayfish in Crisis
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussels
Partnership organisations


  • We have also worked with the Morecambe Bay Partnership on fundraising and awareness raising projects for numerous years.
  • Workshops and demonstrations by the following organisations regularly take place at the aquarium, raising awareness of important conservation issues: Ravenglass coastal partnership, Cumbria Wildlife Trust (Save Our Squirrels), Furness Bat group, Carrio Raptors, Furness Owls, RSPB, Red Alert.
  • We were proud supporters of South Cumbria Rivers Trust Educational Project & Experience the River 2008.
  • The Lakes Aquarium has also promoted the Marine Conservation Society and Shark Trust by gathering signatures for petition campaigns.
  • Staff have also attended workshops for conservation in the Irish Sea