Take a journey beneath the waters of the world – from Lake Windermere to the Amazon River.

The English Lake District

The Lake District is one of the British Isles’ most awe inspiring and breathtaking landscapes. The lakes and fells offer a lush environment for a range of fascinating creatures. Join us as we dive deep into the lakes and discover what creatures live beneath the water.

Here you’ll find –  Perch, three-spined stickleback, frogs, toads, terrapins, koi carp and many more.


Spanning half of the Northern hemisphere, Asia is home to a whole host of diverse aquatic ecosystems. In amongst the mangrove swamps and small streams of Asia, you’ll find Asian Short Clawed Otters. As you journey through our Asian Exhibit at the Aquarium you’ll come face to face with our pair of mischevious otters.


Next stop on your journey is the Americas – home to species from North, South and Central America. Dive deep into the mighty Amazon River and discover what lies beneath the waters of this mighty rainforest.

Here you’ll find – Angelfish, blind cave fish, red-bellied piranha and axolotl.


Tropical rainforests are a rich and bountiful environment, as you walk through our Rainforest exhibits you’ll get an idea of the abundance of life found in these lush environments. Leafcutter ants are an integral part of the rainforest ecosystem, and you’ll find them showcased at the centre of our Rainforest exhibit.

Here you’ll find – Blue poison dart frog, , dyeing dart frog, clownfish, lizards, geckos, snakes and leaf cutter ants.


Our journey around the world takes you deep into the heart of Africa, home to the world’s longest river, the Nile.

Here you’ll find – Elephantnose fish, tortoises, among others!

Journey below Lake Windermere

Cross a bridge over the water before descending to the depths of Lake Windermere. Stroll through the impressive underwater tunnel where native British fish are waiting to be discovered. Lake Windermere is 10.5 miles long and up to 67 metres deep, but from the picturesque shoreline you can see very little of what lies beneath the dark waters. Don’t miss feeding time where you’ll see the surface dwelling ducks dive deep into the waters in search of food.

Here you’ll find – Common Carp, mirror carp, starlet, bream, rudd, mandarin ducks and tufted ducks.

At the Seashore

Join us at the Seashore to celebrate the best of the seaside – from Britain and beyond! Explore coral reef tanks with exotic species and plunge your imagination into our rock pools.

End your journey with a visit to Morecambe Bay, the second largest bay in the British Isles and a local gem, as you marvel at the rays in our Morecambe Bay display.

Here you’ll find – Big belly seahorses, lesser spotted catsharks, turbot, ballan wrasse, anemones, starfish and more.